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Projects using our API

Our API is used by a variety of projects focused around Battlefield-series games, many of which are open source. Here's an overview of some of these projects.

Your project is using our API?

If your project is using our API and you want to see it listed here, reach out via Twitter or email

BF2Dashboard (

A social web platform around the game Battlefield 2, allowing you to keep track of your favorite servers and players. Uses bflist to provide live data about Battlefield 2 servers and players.

Links: Website, GitHub


statbits let's you integrate little bits of game statistics into your live stream chat, as well as any other application. Uses bflist to provide live statistics and details about players and their servers.

Links: Website

Battlefield rich presence#

Allows you to show your current Battlefield server via Discord rich presence. Others can join the server via a join button using and view serverinfo on websites like gametools. Uses bflist to determine which server players are currently playing on.

Links: GitHub

A launcher utility to join your favorite game's servers with one click. Uses bflist to show names of servers players have been invited to join.

Links: Website, GitHub


Tracks concurrent PC player numbers for every Battlefield-series game from Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield 5. Uses bflist to collect live player numbers.

Links: Website


An API to remote control the bf2-auto-spectator. Uses bflist to keep track of the spectator's current server's status.

Links: GitHub


Search BF2 players across GameSpy-replacement projects and check their stats via a Discord bot. Uses bflist to check if Battlefield 2 players are currently playing online.

Links: GitHub


A Discord bot to show the number of currently active players on a Battlefield 2 server. Uses bflist to determine how many players are currently playing on a Battlefield 2 server.

Links: GitHub